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We have over 250 different select teas of all types plus a number of herbal blending ingredients. Come into our store and enjoy our famous scones or a slice of delicious pie served with your choice of tea beverage.

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Health Benefits of Tea

There are many health benefits associated with drinking tea. The tea plant does contain caffeine, but its effect is more gentle than other caffeinated beverages because of other substances found in tea that cause the caffeine to be released slowly over time. The net result of this is long periods of sustained alertness and energy without feeling 'wired'.

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What People Are Saying About Us

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To the most amazing staff ever at Everything Tea . . . Wishing you all the best !!! I miss you all !!! I will never forget the kindness each one of you has shown me. Everything Tea will always be my happy place!

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I had the most wonderful experience here with a kind lady (the owner) that helped me find a tea for a friend that had lost their Grandma . . . She was warm and helpful and overall just super friendly. I look forward to visiting again.


Lovely ladies at Everything Tea! I am so sad that I have not been in as much as I thought I would have. However, I am sure glad that I came in with my mom and that she met you! I'll never forget your amazing shop and, Oh my, your scones!

Tis the seaon to join in all those reindeer games! May the festive season be memorable and the 2015 season even more so. I wish you both only the greatest things!

Lots of love, Rebecca

P.S. Providing the weather and roads aren't too bad I WILL try to drive back to Vegreville and pop in!


My family and I visited your shop on Saturday and were very blessed from the moment we walked through the front door. The greeting was warm and welcoming and the wonderful lady serving us was very kind and friendly. The aromas of all the teas were, let's say, delicious. Thank you for a very pleasant experience!


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Slurp Your Tea Articles By Karen

Tea and red wine are the best-known dietary sources of those tannins that are so good for us. Since wine is not allowed while you work or drive, why not drink green tea? Just asking…

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